“No, Twitter, I didn’t want to shove that in all my friends’ faces, I just wanted to let the author know I liked it!”

“Wait, if I heart this, who sees that?”

“Hey, +Person? Hello? @Person? Can you see this?”

“Save for later. No, that’s public! Crap. Wait, I mean…

You might be sabotaging the process from the get-go

Take care of your valuables!

We’ve all been there. The Dev team has worked really hard to nail down a search results page they think will really help users. You pull up your slide deck and start walking the stakeholders through it.

“Okay, here’s what the user sees after they log in,” you say to…

No, I don’t know why someone labeled the keys like this, I just found it that way. (photo courtesy of the author)

Practicing is a skill. Learning to learn can really pay off. But it’s hard work, and rarely rewarded.

Background: I trained as a musician for the first thirty years of my life. Music is a fascinating field where there are many orders of magnitude of skill, and you can easily…

Undoing the damage done to us by society.

I grew up on Pogo. Maybe you did too. Walt Kelly know what he was talking about. (Yes, this is about damage to the environment. The sentiment applies in lots of places.)

The Racist, Revealed

It happened again. I was reading something written by someone I deem a member of [ethnic group], and I found myself making assumptions based on stereotypes of [that ethnic group].

Dammit! I thought I was past this! I’m all enlightened now, right…

Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed.

Serenity by Lazarus (CC-BY). Part of the album Goblins.

“The thing about code is, every line you write is another ball and chain around your ankle.” — Joe Hicklin

We’ve all been there. We did it! We got the code to work! The page looks good, the server is…

Aspects of security are ways to ensure aspects of autonomy.

Autonomy is control over yourself; self-determination of action, self-declaration of identity, and so forth. …

Or, why you’re always fitting four pounds of crap into three sacks.

Someone — I can’t remember who — used to be very enamored of a colorful phrase for messed up situations: “ten pounds of crap in a five pound bag”. Every time I try to write for the web…


There are only two tactics: flanking, and surprise.

Mill (game), from Wikimedia Commons

Gaining A Local Advantage

Flanking is when you use position to give yourself a local advantage. Humans are strong against enemies in front of them, and weaker against enemies beside or behind them. By making their side your front, you win. You eliminate some of…

Seeing the invisible

“You’re left-handed, right? Why is it that so many lefties feel they have to tell you they’re left-handed?”

Good question, fictitious sophont! The answer lies at the root of invisible privilege. But first, I must introduce you to a few items in my daily life.

My office desk

My office desk is right-handed…

It’s not about the destination; it’s about where you start from.

A project I’ve been working on for at least a decade is intentionally working toward being a better man, personally. …

Alex Feinman

Obligate infovore. Antiviral blogger. All posts made with 100% recycled electrons, sustainably crafted by artisanal artisans. He/him/his.

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