Everything I Know About Business I Learned In The SCA: Part 3

Lessons For The Community

Teaching and Supporting Are As Important As Doing

When I joined the Society, I was fascinated by the awards given. This guy’s an OTC! She got her OSC! They got their AoA! (Explanations of these awards and more are on the EK website.)

You Rule Because They Believe

Those words are inscribed on the inside of the metal crowns of the Kingdom of Caid, passed down from ruler to ruler; they are the essence of the Society, and a sharp reminder to the bearer of that crown. The SCA is a shared hallucination; without that underlying belief, titles and metal crowns mean very little.

No One Facing the Audience Should Be Surprised

Court is one of the most grand and stylized of all the SCAdian rituals. There are a number of key roles: the Principals, whose court it is, whether that be a Baron, the King and Queen, or just a Knight holding a quick ceremony on the battlefield to recognize a squire’s efforts. The principals are often accompanied by a number of retainers — a loud herald, who reads scrolls and makes proclamations, a standard bearer, a sword holder, a cup holder, the royal pillow adjuster, and so forth. Other royalty may join the principals on stage, and together, all these people face the audience. It’s their show.

In the Kitchen, Even the King Kneels Before the Cook

Some years ago, a close friend of mine was the Head Cook for a mid-sized event — two hundred or so hungry people, all fed a lavish six-course meal. At the end of it, the King and Queen held Court, dispensing awards and largess and all the things that royalty owes its citizenry.

Let the Good Be an Ally to the Best

I stole this one from Duke Sir (Sir) Cariadoc, also a Laurel and Pelican, though he words it “Don’t let the best be an enemy of the good.”

There’s Another Monarch in Six Months

Things come and go. In the SCA, the king and queen are gone in six months, even if they might someday return. (There are many “Once and Future Kings”, now Dukes.) Because SCA monarchy are chosen by combat, there is definitely some…variety…in how the role is performed. An incoming monarch may want to make big changes, and sometimes that happens.

No Shit, There We Were

The most important lesson I learned from the SCA, of course, is to have a story for everything. Doesn’t matter what it was, it’s happened to someone, somewhere, and possibly even to you.



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