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  • Elizabeth Stokoe

    Elizabeth Stokoe

    Professor of Social Interaction at Loughborough University, specializes in conversation analysis, communication training, & science communication.

  • Marian Čaikovski

    Marian Čaikovski

    Java, JavaScript and SQL developer. PhD in Biology. Bothered by climate change. Why before vaccines COVID waves were not as high as lately? It seems that only c

  • Paige Niedringhaus

    Paige Niedringhaus

    Staff Software Engineer, previously a digital marketer. Frontend dev is my focus, but always up for learning new things. Say hi: www.paigeniedringhaus.com

  • Background Noise Comics

    Background Noise Comics

    Diary comic by Lisa Burdige and John Hazard about balancing life, love and kids in the gig economy.

  • Jabari Asim

    Jabari Asim

    Jabari Asim is an associate professor of creative writing at Emerson College and the author of We Can’t Breathe.

  • Ksenia Samokhvalova

    Ksenia Samokhvalova

  • Liz Fong-Jones

    Liz Fong-Jones

    Site Reliability Engineer, labor and ethics organizer, and developer advocate. lizthegrey.com

  • Aaron Powers

    Aaron Powers

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