Alex Feinman

Nov 23, 2020

10 min read

How Not to Ruin your Design Review

You might be sabotaging the process from the get-go

Take care of your valuables!

Remember to Begin Before You Start

Don’t Just Throw Wireframes up there

Trim What You Don’t Want To Talk About

2. Craft Your Presentation

Show Your Design How Users Will Use it

An example of a style sheet for Google’s Material controls. This is not the sort of thing to include in your workflow review. (source)

Use Realistic Content

Think how much better that presentation would be if all the people had Goblin names.

Avoid presenting in a format wildly different than your target

3. Transition To Action

Be clear about desired feedback

Be Visible In Your Action-Taking

  1. You actually take notes on the feedback received.
  2. You take them in a visible way — everyone should know you are paying attention to what they say.
  3. The notes are intelligible two weeks later when you can’t remember the meeting.
  4. The notes are shared with the right people. Some companies like the reviewers to get a copy, so they can clarify. Some teams want the notes to “belong” only to the UXer (I dislike this pattern); some like the notes to be part of the Dev team.

Be Flexible