Iron Fist: Crazy Man, Missing Privilege

And then there’s Iron Fist

I highly recommend DD, JJ, and especially LC; but IF only maybe, for reasons given below. And watch The Defenders if you want to tie up loose plot-ends; it doesn’t actually say anything interesting on a deeper level, as far as I can tell.

The Chosen One

So with that framework in mind, I looked forward to see what Iron Fist would become.

Crazy Man

Iron Fist starts off using the “stranger in a familiar land” premise, where a character goes back to his home, but he and it are different. In this case it’s orphan boy billionaire Danny Rand — Iron Fist — and he’s returned, an adult, to reclaim his fortune, taken over by family friends when he and his parents were lost and presumed dead.

Privilege without privilege

So that’s the point.



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Alex Feinman

Alex Feinman

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