The Six Thinking Hats, Star Wars edition

  1. Process — blue (“what are we talking about?”)
  2. Facts — white (“what are we sure of?”)
  3. Emotion — red (“how do we feel about this?”)
  4. Optimism — yellow (“what are the best parts of this?”)
  5. Realism — black (“what won’t work?”)
  6. Creativity — green (“what else might we do?”)

Star Wars: the universal culture

Pop quiz: What’s the biggest active film franchise with a new movie coming out in 2017? (If you said “The Fast And The Furious”, you’re almost right, and please feel free to write that version[1] of this article — it’d be fascinating.)

Obi-Wan: Manager

“Focus, Luke!”

R2D2 and C3P0: Facts

“Bleep-bloop. Tu-WOO.”

Chewbacca: Emotions

“<That sound Chewie makes>”

Leia Organa: Realist

“They let us go. It’s the only explanation for the ease of our escape.”

Luke Skywalker: Optimist

“There’s good in him. I can feel it.”

Han Solo: Creator



This was a fun exercise. I don’t know if I’d use it in a work setting — maybe — but it definitely makes you think about what function people play in a group. Is Han always the creative person? Of course not. Doesn’t Threepio express emotions? Of course he does. And that’s part of the point: the hats are only archetypes, a purposely stereotyped perspective on character. But sometimes, that’s what it takes to bring a group together.



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Alex Feinman

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