What a fascinating reaction to this article! I think it would behoove you to do some introspection about why you had this reaction, and what it means for your own learning about racism.

I wanted to give your reaction a fair shake, so I thought about it for a week. And in the end I've decided that, no, and also, no.

Your analogy breaks down--there *was* an active plot against lefties, one which caught you up in its web. (Who converted you to righty? Why did they think it was necessary?) There was a prevailing motivation that left-handedness was undesirable, a plan to 'correct' this, and actions taken to do it. Lots of people then went along with those actions, for their own reasons, but the net effect was that you got forcibly converted to pretend you are something that you are not.

First, and this is very important, there are racists who are actively plotting against non-whites. This is not an opinion; we have plenty of evidence for this. I'm not going to link to them; I don't need to do that much moderating.

White 'culture' has at many different points intentionally designed hardships to keep black individuals down. Saying otherwise shows a lack of knowledge of history. (I put scare quotes around 'culture' because it isn't really a unified thing.)

Second, and this is also important, it doesn't matter whether we are actively part of that plot or not--whether or not we _meant_ to do it. Our complicity with these actions enables and supports them. Like the people who forced you to write right-handed, we can cause injury by our actions whether or not we *mean* it, and bringing it up in the context of talking about the impact of racism is somewhat of a non-sequitur.

But I'd argue that more of us have more motivation in this area than we think. See my other article about desiring to be "done" with growing in this area, and the impossibility of that desire.



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