Worshippers in the Cult Of Busy

Clickbait Won’t Save You

If I knew the foolproof way to go from “always busy” to “sustainably productive”, I’d have done it already.

As a kid I hated Jackson Pollack. Then I saw some of his artwork up close, hung next to his imitators, and I understood. It’s hard to describe, but his work is _busy_ in a way that the others simply are not.

It’s Your Fault, Right?

There are an infinite number of articles about how it’s all your fault — if you would just knuckle down and apply ourselves, we wouldn’t be so distracted, we’d find success in business and in love, we’d stop being depressed, we’d solve world hunger and climate change, and everyone would just hug it out in an endless cycle of positivity.

Norman Doors

In grad school, I had an epiphany that a lot of us had. It happened while reading Don Norman’s “The Design Of Everyday Things” (except my copy was old enough it was titled “The Psychology Of Everyday Things”), hereafter DOET.

Personally I prefer calling it “POET”, but that’s even more cryptic and unclear.

Designing For A Better Life — For Everyone

Back to how it’s your fault. You, specifically.


Coevolution is when a species adapts to its environment at the same time as the environment adapts to the species. Think about ants evolving stronger and stronger jaws as plants evolve stronger and stronger leaves; or the arms race between cheetahs and antelopes, with the latter evolving to be fast enough to occasionally survive (and reproduce), and the former evolving to be fast enough to occasionally eat (and therefore reproduce).

Actual image of someone reading the five hundredth “RE: re: Fwd: [all-hands] RE: The new logo” email.

Doing Better Through Mindfulness

I was happy when Outlook introduced the “hey did you know this will go to 137 people?!” pre-send notification. It’s a useful addition, and a step toward the sort of solutions I’d like to see more of. And it no doubt took a clear-eyed look at what sorts of behavior were enabled — nay, encouraged — by the current technology stack. And that took some mindfulness.



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